Everbody needs a house that they can live but when it comes to decorating your home, there are many houseware kinds. We can split them into categories as furnitures, white goods, small home appliances, kitchenware, textiles, bathroom appliances and other household items. Of course that’s not all, they all have their own subcategories. For example; furnitures has such subcategories as sitting group, dining room set, bedroom suite, center table, nesting table, tv/vcr unit, bookshelf, kitchen table, kitchen chairs, cloakroom. Furniture in Turkey is generally made in small-scale workshops, most of which work with traditional methods. On the other hand, especially in recent years, the number of medium and large-scale enterprises has started to increase. Important furniture production regions are listed as İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa (İnegöl), Kayseri, İzmir and Adana according to their total production rates. While Turkey’s furniture export was 192 million dollars in 2001, it increased significantly in 2020 and reached 3 billion 422 million dollars. Despite the pandemic conditions, whose negative effects on trade were felt significantly in 2020, furniture exports in 2020 increased by 12% compared to the previous year. Turkey exports furnitures to Iraq, Germnay, USA, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, Israel, Libya, Holland, Romania, Katar, Hungary, Czechia, Italy and The United Arab Emirates.

Other category of houseware is white goods which are the most expensive ones. The rate of use of white goods is an indicator of the development level of the society. Developed societies use a large number of white goods, less developed societies use less white goods. In Turkey when there is a wedding, white good are the most important issue because when Turks make trousseau they have to buy white goods. We can split it into subcategories such as fridge, washing machine, water dispenser, drying machine , dishwasher, cooker, microwave oven, air conditioning and range hood. In Turkey, white goods can be found in technology stores or houseware shops. Most of exports are made from Istanbul which is a city of Turkey.

Small household appliances are also important. These are the things you need to have at home.. We can slpit them into such as subcategories as television, hoover, iron, hairdryer, toaster, geyser, kitchen scales, kettle, beverage maker, turkish coffee maker, rondo, fruit press, rubbish bin.

Kitchenware is another kind of houseware. Kitchen is the most important part of a house because it is a place where delicious foods are made. They are split into categories such as teapot, kettle, pot, pan, fork, spoon, knife, trash, cruet, breadmaker, grater, tempse, tea strainer, cake-cookie molds, jampot, whisk, spatula, ladle, oven glove, vegetable-fruit basket, trivet, placemat, and tray. Here are the countries that make the most kitchenware exports following; China, Germany, India, Italy, France, Holland, USA, Turkey, Belgium and Spain.

Besides all of these, there are bathroom appliances. Bathroom is the most necessary part of a house. They can be split into such categories like soap dish, toothbrush holder, sink brush, laundry basket, shampoo rack, trash, cleaning bucket, surface mop, bleach, surface cleaner and detergent.
Lastly there are some housewares which are cannot be categorised but indispensable such as ironing table, clothes dryer hanger, hot water bag, state, lamp, vase, flowerpot, wall and desk clock, mirror and weighing machine.